Logistical Support Services

Al Ahlea Circle Company, is a leading provider of Human Resources (HR) solutions and logistical support throughout Kuwait. We are dedicated to professional excellence and pride ourselves on providing high levels of customer support. We tailor our services to the individual requirements of each of our clients, and, as a result, we have been awarded major contracts with some of the largest companies in Kuwait.

Having been involved in logistical support services for the past 15 years, we are now one of Kuwait’s leading firms due to an unparalleled amount of knowledge and experience on foreign labor and related issues. We can give reliable advice to our clients and have an excellent track record of steering our customers through the ever-changing legislation on labor laws and foreign labor.

Medical Services

At our home nursing services, we place great importance on meeting the essential needs of your loved ones. We understand the significance of providing them with the utmost care and support, and we ensure that they receive the highest level of attention and assistance. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals delivers personalized care within the familiar and comforting environment of their own homes. Rest assured that your loved ones will receive the compassionate and comprehensive care they deserve, promoting their overall well-being and comfort.

1. General Home Nursing Services:

Special attention is needed to your home-patient from monitoring their medical condition to managing vital needs. This also includes “Diabetic management”, as well as “Support needs” such as accompanying home-patients visits and supplying all types of medical accessories.

2. Maternity Service: 

Our post delivery assistance enhances recovery process and extends to various needs of the mother and the baby. The coverage includes “Premature baby care” with all special needs and attention in line with doctors instructions.

3. Physiotherapy Services:

Offering all kinds of physiotherapy services through our skilled therapists for enhanced body movements, particularly in “woman body-care”, “sports recovery” all through “Orthopaedic & Muscular Pain Remedies”

4. Distinctive Care:

The elderly and the physically challenged people have special needs that we understand and are fully prepared to cater to at home. “Seniors care management ” specialists give utmost care for the aged patients and non-patients, by assisting them in everything.

Waste Management

Over the past two decades, we’ve been dramatically building our waste management services and envision that we will implement full refuse recycling programs throughout the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East. While the environmental benefits of these programs will be incredible, we also expect that programs will bring a broad range of social and financial benefits.

Due to our growth, we have been able to invest in advanced technology to make our cleaning services more efficient. Our main purpose and aim are to protect our cities, beaches, rural areas, and wildlife, both for today and for our future generations.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

We have a large, fully integrated center that is devoted to the cleaning of clothing and other household items. Utilizing the latest cutting-edge equipment and technology, the center has been awarded some significant governmental contracts. We have been granted contracts such as the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior, and the Army & Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES).

Our Laundry and Dry Cleaning services are also operated via branches throughout Kuwait in Riggae, Mishref Cooperative Society, and Camp Arifjan. These outlets are designed to provide customers with high-quality laundry and dry cleaning services, including home delivery of cleaned items.


Professional Industrial Cleaning

Our highly efficient Management and Administration team head our industrial cleaning division to provide an extensive range of specialist services to suit our diverse clients’ needs. Our services include:

Due to the diversity of services we provide and the high level of expertise and technology we have on hand, we are one of the leading industrial cleaning firms in Kuwait. We were awarded long-term contracts on military, government premises, commercial complexes, cooperative outlets and residential areas.

Due to our professional approach and extensive knowledge of labor laws, we have built up a great deal of experience with major corporations and organizations. In the past we had clients such as Combat Support Associates Ltd (CSA) and Raytheon. Today our client list includes:


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