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Since the liberation of Kuwait, multinational companies operating here have needed specific knowledge of the legal requirements for living and working here. From residency to documentation, Al-Ahlea Circle Company’s logistics team has helped multinational companies navigate the legal requirements for their foreign employees in Kuwait.

Any individual wanting to work in Kuwait must have a valid employment permit and Kuwaiti residence permit. With long established relationships with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, as well as the Ministry of the Interior and a wide variety of large businesses, Al-Ahlea Circle Company is in a unique position. We are intimately familiar with the legal requirements for working and living in Kuwait and can pass that expertise on to our logistics clients.

Through our logistics experience, we strive to manage all necessary procedures for our clients. We handle the permit process with professionalism, meaning minimal effort is required on the part of our customers.

Our reputation for professional excellence is why Al-Ahlea Circle Co. was selected as the strategic partner for the largest and most well-respected international operations and maintenance firms in the world. Through this alliance, Al-Ahlea Circle Co. offers its logistical support services to over 1,000 US Military contract employees. This means we are responsible for arranging the legal assistance, documentation, housing, transportation, and more for these employees. From the time they arrive in Kuwait until the end of their contracts, they rely on the services of Al-Ahlea Circle Co.

For every logistics client, we find a solution that meets your needs. We offer a complete range of personalized services, tailored to meet your organization’s particular needs.

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Our services include:

  • Entry visas
  • Employment permits
  • Full residency
  • Medical insurance
  • National ID cards
  • Driving licenses
  • Airport transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Catering

At Al-Ahlea Circle Co., we take every step needed to ensure that our clients’ transition to life in Kuwait is as simple, quick, and hassle-free as possible. Our logistics team can also help organizations find the highly trained staff they need. Our 2,000 strong work forces are available to help with your organization’s needs. Contact us to find out more.

Our logistics clients include:

  • Vectrus
  • Central Texas College
  • University of Maryland
  • Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University


  • 2011: Sponsorship Services – (ITT) / Vectrus
  • 2006: Sponsorship Services – Central Texas
  • 2006: Sponsorship Services – University of Maryland
  • 2006: Sponsorship Services – Embry Riddle
  • 2006: Sponsorship Services – Raytheon
  • 1999: Sponsorship Services – CSA
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