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Al-Ahlea Circle Company has a proven track record for providing top quality cleaning services for all types of buildings and facilities. Using state of the art technology and meeting the highest industry standards, we have become of the leading firms in Kuwait.

Many different clients have trusted our cleaning services. We have been awarded long-term contracts for cleaning military bases, government buildings, commercial complexes, and residential areas. Al- Ahlea Circle Cleaning Co. is also involved in the municipal cleaning of all areas of Kuwait and the Kuwait Municipality, offering refuse collection services on a daily basis.

It is our mission to provide every client with the services that meet their unique needs. Our expertise includes:

  • Specialized industrial cleaning
  • Glass facade cleaning, for both high and low rise buildings
  • Urban cleaning
  • Sewer cleaning and draining
  • Landscape cleaning
  • Refuse collection and removal
  • Waste paper collection and categorization
  • All internal and external cleaning requirements

Our external cleaning team works with state of the art technology and vehicles. This ensures we handle every job in the best possible way, whether it’s hauling solid waste or cleaning the highest window.

Our internal cleaning team also uses specialized equipment and cleaning products. Al-Ahlea Circle  Co. aims to provide the best quality service while also meeting and exceeding industry standards.

To deliver the best service to every client, we maintain an impressive fleet of equipment and vehicles. Since 1983, we have grown from a fleet of four vehicles to a diverse fleet of 165. Each one is equipped with the latest technology, allowing our staff to clean your environment in the best possible way.

Our cleaning clients include:

  • Kuwait Finance House
  • Agility
  • Boulevard
  • Al Corniche Club
  • Schlumberger


  •  2015:
    • Ministry Of Finance Staff and Hospitality Accommodation
    • Sahara Resort – Muroug Village
    • Promenade
    • Boulevard
    • Petrofac
    • Inspire Fitness Club – Bidaa
  • 2014:
    • Inspire Fitness Club – Sahara Resort, Kuwait
    • Schlumberger
    • Ministry of Electricity & Water Consumer Offices & Water Station
    • Trans Crate
  • 2007: Corniche Club
  • 2005: NREC
  • 2002: Shower / MWR for US Army
  • 2000: Investment Dar
  • 2000: NAS
  • 2000: Mutawa Al-Kadi
  • 1998: Souq Sharq
  • 1996: Ministry Complex
  • 1992: Agility
  • 1992: Entertainment City
  • 1989: Central Slaughterhouse
  • 1986: Municipality
  • 1985: KFH
  • 1985: Muthanna Complex
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