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The founders of  Al-Ahlea Circle Company established the Company with the intent to maintain a safe and clean environment for Kuwait, free from all causes and sources of solid waste pollution. Solid waste pollution has become an issue of increased concern for all countries of the civilized world. Due to the continued significant population growth, man is generating more and more solid waste. This continued population growth has increased the demand for facilities, which generate waste, those being, among others, various types of industrial installations, supermarkets, shopping malls, food outlets, and municipal and educational institutions. All of these sources create different types of waste in increasing quantities.

This concern for the environment was the impetus for the founders of the Company to form a service organization, which they felt, would make a major contribution towards maintaining a cleaner and safer Kuwait. This has always been the goal of the founders of the Company since the inception of the organization in 1981.

The growth of the Company and the technical experience it has gained are a result of many contracts awarded to it by the major governmental authorities and private institutions. Hence, the Company is able to provide complicated cleaning processes with great efficiency.

Due to these efforts, The Company enjoys an outstanding and successful performance rating, and consequently, a very significant market share in Kuwait.

For the future, we envision full refuse recycling programs being implemented not only in Kuwait but also in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East regions. Recycling is one of the best environmental success stories of the late 20th century. Recycling, including composting, turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources and generates a host of environmental, financial and social benefits. With landfill areas rapidly diminishing, our ultimate aim is to improve and maintain the natural beauty of our cities, beaches, mountains and marine and wildlife in the region for our future generations.

Al- Ahlea Circle Company has earned its stature in the Kuwaiti business community based on diversified services, care, professional excellence, pride and concern for its clients. We listen to clients’ challenges – for today and tomorrow. From there, we tailor our services to meet client needs. It is this union between diversified services and professional excellence that enables us to provide the highest quality, and most flexible, solutions to our clients’ requirements.

Company Structure

Al-Ahlea Circle  Company is structured into various operating divisions. Each division is devoted to the delivery of a particular type of service. All divisions are supplied with the latest sophisticated equipment and a well-trained experienced workforce. Directed by a Management and Administration team, the following operating divisions provide clients with the highest possible quality services:

• Internal and External Public and Private Building Cleaning
• Glass Façade Cleaning of Both High Rise and Low Rise Buildings
• Urban Cleaning
• Sewer Cleaning and Draining
• Institutional and Private Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services
• Landscape Cleaning
• Heavy and Light Refuse Collection and Removal
• Waste Paper Collection and Categorization
• Logistical Support Services

Professional Experience

Over the years, Al-Ahlea Circle Company has gained a proven record in the area of cleaning all types of buildings and facilities. The Company has continually expanded its expertise in this field. Now one of the leading firms in Kuwait, it has been awarded long-term contracts for the cleaning of the following facilities:

• Military Bases for Kuwaiti and American Forces
• Governmental Buildings and Premises
• Housing and Commercial Complexes
• Supermarkets and Shopping Malls
• Commercial Areas of Kuwait City and Other Towns in Kuwait
• Cooperative Food Outlets all over Kuwait

Al- Ahlea Circle  Company is involved in the municipal cleaning of all areas of Kuwait and the Kuwait Municipality. With many years of experience in this field, it provides refuse collection services for residential areas on a daily basis.

Always looking to expand its range of services, Al- Ahlea Circle Company has established a large integrated center devoted to the cleaning of furniture and clothing. This cleaning center utilizes the latest equipment and technology. As a proven service provider in this field, the Company has been awarded major contracts by many governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior. The Company also has many outlets throughout Kuwait, which provide the private citizen with the highest quality dry cleaning and laundry services, with an option of home delivery.

As a result of its professionalism, Al Circle Company was selected the strategic partner for Holmes and Narver, Inc. (H&N). H&N is one of the largest and best-respected international operations and maintenance firms in the world. As a result of this alliance, Al-Ahlea Circle Company now offers logistical support services to over 1500 US Military contract employees. The Company is responsible for and arranges all legal assistance related to documentation for these employees’ residence in Kuwait, and their housing, transportation and catering, from the time they arrive in Kuwait until the time their contracts are completed. This is a ten-year commitment on behalf of the Company.


Al-Ahlea Circle  Company recognizes the efforts and diligence of its functional workforce of 2,000 and realizes that a safe and healthy environment in which to live will reflect on an employee’s performance. To ensure and maintain a high standard of service in each field of its endeavors, the Company provides healthy, convenient and pleasant housing. The Company also has established a training program to develop the practical and technical skills for its workforce. The Company is headed by a General Manager who oversees the daily operations and directs a managerial and administrative staff of 50 in the Company’s headquarters offices.


For the Company to deliver an optimum level of service, Al-Ahlea Circle  Company maintains an impressive fleet of equipment and vehicles. Since its inception, the Company has developed and increased its fleet from 4 to 200 heavy equipment and vehicles. All these vehicles and equipment are equipped to the most advanced and modern level of specifications. The Company has its own maintenance garage where the maintenance of all vehicles and equipment is performed. A well-trained team of specialist mechanics and support staff carries out general and preventive maintenance on a round-the-clock basis to ensure a high standard of readiness of all vehicles and equipment. The Company’s fleet includes:

• Compacting Refuse Collection Vehicles
• Street Sweeping Vehicles
• Skip Loaders
• Solid Waste Hauling Vehicles
• Vacuum Sewage Trucks
• Wheel Loaders
• Cranes
• Graders
• Tank Trucks
• Staff Transport Vehicles

For the performance of internal cleaning, the Company maintains a substantial inventory of specialized equipment and cleaning products, consistent with the latest industry standards, in order to provide the best quality of service in the field of internal cleaning. To mention just a few, this inventory of specialized equipment includes:

• Industrial Vacuuming Machines
• Wet and Dry Vacuuming Machines
• Floor Scrubbing Machines
• Floor Polishing Machines
• Water Extraction Machines
• High Pressure Washing Machines
• Escalating Cleaning Machines
• Hydraulic Lifts
• Scaffolding

We strive continue to offer first class professional services of the highest industry standards, while caring for and being sensitive to our clients’ needs. To protect and preserve the environment, not only in Kuwait but in the entire Arabian Gulf region, by and integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies which are environmentally friendly.

Al-Ahlea Circle Company
Current Private Sector Contracts

• Kuwait Finance House
• Al Enma’a Real Estate Service Company
• Al Quarain Auto Trading Company
• Kuwait Public Transport Company
• Pubic Warehousing Company
• Al Mutawa & Al Kadi
• Real Estate Assets Management Company
• Gulf Paper Manufacturing Company
• National Real Estate Company
• United American Company
• Al Massaleh Real Estate Company
• The Investment Dar
• Adeiliyyah Cooperative Society
• Surra Cooperative Society
• Hadyia Cooperative Society
• Tala Commercial Centre
• Galleria Complex
• Al Maidan Dental Clinic
• Integrated Computer Systems
• Warah Trading & Contracting Company
• Elysium Health Club
• Burgan International Trading Company
• Commercial Real Estate Company
• Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading Company

Al-Ahlea Circle  Company
Completed Private Sector Contracts

• Musaed Al Saleh & Sons Investment Company
• Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading Company
• General Stores Company
• Kuwait Public Transportation Company
• Al Mutawa & Al Kadi
• Qadisiya Cooperative Society
• Meshref Cooperative Society
• Al Watan Press & Publication House
• Jawharat Al Saleh School
• Credit & Savings Bank
• Kuwait Stock Exchange
• Kuwait Paints Company
• National Real Estate Company – Souq Sharq
• Kuwait Engineers Society

Al-Ahlea  Circle Company
Completed Government Sector Contracts

• Ministry of Defense
• Ministry of Interior
• Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs
• Kuwait Municipality

• NB The vast majority of Private Sector Contracts is still current.
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